Particle Accelerator: A Day of Music and Hope

From: Grace Young, Particle Accelerator Chairwoman

Our Jack was an intelligent, gifted artist and musician. Our close-knit family was shocked by his suicide on his 27th birthday, May 8, 2007. We spoke freely of all matters, and even as we struggled to obtain help when he revealed he was depressed, no one knew it could lead to suicide. He also grappled with alcohol abuse, which compounded matters. His blood alcohol level at the time of his death was determined to be .175; this is more than double Connecticut’s legal blood alcohol level for driving. High school kids need to hear that alcohol abuse can sometimes lead people to do things they normally wouldn’t even think of if they were thinking clearly. I believe a heart-to-heart, frank discussion about alcohol abuse and suicide and depression rates could prove to be a life-saver.

We’d love to see you and your kids at Particle Accelerator XI. Our charity event is geared towards kids, teenagers and parents alike, with all different types of music! We will have United Services on hand to provide information about depression and the services they offer. We are also having raffles, poetry readings, an art show, a photo exhibit, and lots of local talent! It’s been a lot of fun each year, and the kids always go away armed with important information about suicide and depression. More importantly, they get the sense that they were not alone, that there were people who cared.

I cannot bear the thought of another young adult losing their life because he and his family and friends did not see the warning signs, or that they were too embarrassed or ashamed to seek help.

Grace Young, Chairwoman