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Suggested Reading
For Grief Recovery and Suicide Bereavement


A Broken Heart Still Beats After Your Child Dies
Edited by Anne McCracken & Mary Semel Pub. Date: Sep 2000, Publisher: Health Communications Inc

A Parent's Guide for Suicidal and Depressed Teens
Kate Williams Publisher: Hazelden Educ Materials (04/01/1995)

A Time To Grieve by Carol Staudacher
Publisher: Harper San Francisco (1994)

After Suicide 
by John H. Hewett - Published by Westminster Press, Philadelphia, PA (1980)

After Suicide: A Ray of Hope 
by Eleanora "Betsy" Ross - Published by Lynn Publications, Iowa City, IA (1986)

Suicide Loss: Coping with Your Grief
by Bob Baugher, Ph.D. and Jack Jordan, Ph.D. - Published by Sturbridge Group (2002)

After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again: A Parent's Guide to Coping With the Loss of a Child
Author: Mehren, Elizabeth Introduction by: Kushner, Harold S. Pub. Date: Apr 1997, Publisher: Simon & Schuster

An Unquiet Mind- A Memoir of Moods And Madness

by Kay Redfied Jamison Publisher: Vintage Books USA; (January 1, 1997)


Andrew, You Died Too Soon
by Corinne Chilstrom - Published by Augsburg Fortress (1993)

Bart Speaks Out About Suicide by Linda E. Goldman & Jonathan P. Goldman
Publisher: Western Psychological Services; (September 1998)

Before Their Time: Adult Children's Experiences Of Parental Suicide
by Mary Stimming
Publisher: Temple Univ Press (1999)

Borne On Eagle's Wings
Agnes O'Neil Published by Pine Hill Press 1999

Breaking the Silence
by Mariette Hartley - Published by Mass Market, NY (1991)

Choosing to Live: How to Defeat Suicide Through Cognitive Therapy
Thomas E. Ellis, Cory F. Newman Publisher: New Harbinger Publications(November 1996)

Dead Reckoning: A Therapist Confronts His Own Grief
by David C. Treadway, Ph.D. - Published by Basic Books, NY (1996).

Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven?
by Michelle Linn-Gust Pub. Date: Dec 2003, Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

Don't Take My Grief Away From Me
by Doug Manning - Published by In-Sight Books (1979)

Forgive & Forget: Healing The Hurts We Don't Deserve
by Lewis B. Smedes - Published by Pocket Books (1984)

Grieving a Suicide - A Loved One's Search for Comfort, Answers, & Hope
by Albert Y. Hsu - Published by InterVarsity Press (1972)

Healing After The Suicide of a Loved One
by Ann Smolin & John Guinan - Published by Simon & Schuster (1993)

Helping Children Cope With Grief
by Alan Wolfelt - Published by Accelerated Development, Inc. (1983)

His Bright Light (The Story Of Nick Traina)
by Danielle Steel Publisher: Delta (2000)

How Do We Tell The Children?: A Step-By-Step Guide For Helping Children Two To Teens Cope

by Christine Lyons & Dan Schaefer
Publisher: Newmarket Press; Updated edition (November 1993) .

How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
by Therese A. Rando - Published by Lexington Books (1988)

How To Survive The Loss Of A Love
by Colgrove, Bloomfield, McWilliams - Published by Prelude Press (1991)

In The Wake Of Suicide: Stories Of The People Left Behind
by Victoria Alexandria Publisher: Jossey-Bass (1998)

Living Through Mourning
by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff Publisher: Viking (09/01/1986)

Living Through Personal Crisis
by Ann Kaiser Sterns - Published by Ballantine Books (1985)

Light Beyond The Darkness
by Dore Deverell Publisher: Temple Lodge Pub (1996)

Men & Grief: A Guide For Men Surviving The Death Of A Loved One by Carol Staudacher
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc (1990)

Mourning After Suicide
by Lois Bloom - Published by The Pilgrim Press (1987)

My Son, My Son: A Guide To Healing After A Suicide In The Family
by Iris Bolton - Published by Bolton Press, 1090 Crest Brook Lane, Roswell, GA 30075 Phone: 770-645-1886. (1983)

Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide
by Kay Redfield Jamison - Published by Knopf (1999)

No Time To Say Goodbye, Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One
by Carla Fine - Published by Doubleday (1997)

Overcoming Depression
by Demitri Papolos & Janice Papolos

Questions & Answers About Depression & Its Treatment
by Ivan K. Goldberg, M.D.

Roses In December
by Marilyn Willett Heavilin - published by Thomas Nelson (1993)

Safe Passage
by Molly Fumia Publisher: Conari Press 01 March, 2003

Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival and Strength
by Judy Collins Pub. Date: Oct 2003, Publisher: Putnam Pub Group

Seven Choices
by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D. - Published by Delta (1990)

Silent Grief - Living in the Wake of Suicide
by Christopher Lukas & Henry M.Seiden Published by Simon & Schuster 01 February, 1988

Stronger Than Death: When Suicide Touches Your Life
by Sue Chance - Published by Avon Books (1992)

Suicide: A Christian Response
Timothy J. Demy (Editor), Gary P. Stewart (Contributor) 
Publisher: Kregel Publications; (April 1998)

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, Postvention
by Earl Grollman - Published by Beacon Press (1988)

Suicide: Survivors: A Guide For Those Left Behind
by Adina Wrobleski - Published by Afterwords (1994)

Suicide: Why?
by Adina Wrobleski

Survivors of Suicide
by Rita Robinson - Published by Newcastle Publishing Co. (1989)

Talking With Children About Loss
by Maria Trozzi Pulished by Beacon Press, 1990

The Bereaved Parent
by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff - Published by Penguin Books (1977)

The Courage To Grieve
by Judy Tatelbaum - Published by Harper & Row (1980)

The Enigma of Suicide
by George How Colt Publisher: Touchstone Books (04/01/1992)

The Grief Recovery Handbook
by James & Friedman - Published by HarperCollins (1998)

The Savage God - A Study of Suicide
by A. Alvarez Pulished by W.W. Norton & Company September, 1990 Paperback

The Suicidal Mind
Edwin S. Shneidman Pub. Date: Mar 1998, Publisher: Oxford Univ Press

The Suicide Of My Son
by Trudy Carlson - published by Benline Press (1995)

To Heal Again
by Rusty Berkus," with illustrations by Christa Wollan Publisher: Red Rose Pr (07/01/1986)

Touched by fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperamant
by Kay Redfield Jamison Pub. Date: Oct 1996, Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Transcending Loss
by Ashely Davis Prend - Published by Berkley Books (1997)

Understanding, Coping, and Growing Through Grief
by Collection of Authors - published by HOPE FOR BEREAVED, 4500 Onandaga Blvd., Syracuse, NY 13219 (1995)

Understanding Depression - A Complete Guide to Its Diagnosis & Treatment
by Donald F. Klein, M.D. & Paul H. Wender, M.D.

Understanding Grief
by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt - published by Accelerated Development Inc. (1992)

When A Friend Dies: A Book For Teens About Grieving & Healing
By Marilyn Gootman Publisher: Minneapolis : Free Spirit, 1994

When Dinosaurs Die
By Marc Tolon Brown, Laurie Krasny Brown Publisher: Little Brown & Co April 1996

When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens (Teen-Focused Coping Skills)
by Bev Cobain Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing; (July 1, 1998)

Why Suicide?
by Eric Marcus - Published by HarperCollins (1996)

Words I Never Thought to Speak
by Victoria Alexander Publisher: New York : Toronto : New York : Lexington Books ;

35 Ways To Help A Grieving Child
by The Dougy Center Dougy Center; (October 25, 1999)

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